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At Benadato, we’ve spent decades immersed in the world of estate jewelry, each piece telling a unique story of love and life. We understand that parting with these treasures can be overwhelming, whether you’re downsizing or seeking a fresh start.

As expert jewelers who value both the emotional and financial aspects of heirlooms, we’re here to guide you through this delicate process. In this article, We’ll share our insights on valuing your pieces, finding reputable buyers, and making decisions that honor your jewelry’s legacy.

What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry, with its captivating allure and timeless quality, holds a distinct position in the world of gems. But what exactly defines this captivating category? Beyond the sparkle and shimmer, lies a rich tapestry of history, craftsmanship, and sentimental value. Unveiling its essence requires both expertise and appreciation, and that’s where we begin.

At its core, estate jewelry refers to pre-owned pieces, each with a unique journey. While commonly associated with inherited valuables, the term encompasses a broader spectrum. It could be a vintage cocktail ring passed down through generations, a stunning Art Deco brooch discovered at an antique fair, or even a designer pendant gently pre-loved by its previous owner.


Estate Jewelry

Although, age isn’t the sole defining factor. While some estate pieces boast decades, even centuries, of history, others might be just a few years old. What truly sets them apart is their unique character, often reflecting distinct design styles and hallmarks of various eras. From the intricate details of Victorian filigree to the bold geometrics of Art Deco, each piece whispers a story about its time.

Moreover, estate jewelry transcends mere adornment. It often carries a sentimental weight, imbued with memories, emotions, and personal connections. Inheriting a grandmother’s pearl necklace or receiving a diamond pendant for a milestone birthday imbues the jewelry with a deeper significance, making it more than just an accessory.

Understanding the nuances of estate jewelry requires a keen eye and an appreciation for its multifaceted value. It’s about recognizing the intricate craftsmanship, appreciating the historical significance, and acknowledging the sentimental attachment often woven into each piece. By delving deeper, we unlock the true enchantment of estate jewelry, allowing its stories to continue captivating hearts for generations to come.

Where to Sell Estate Jewelry?

When it comes to selling your estate jewelry, finding the right buyer is crucial. The ideal scenario balances maximizing financial return with ensuring your pieces find appreciative new owners who will honor their legacy. Here’s a roadmap to navigate the various options:

Estate Jewelry purchased from a customer

Traditional options

  • Local jewelers: Experienced jewelers often have established networks and expertise in valuing and selling estate pieces. Building a rapport with a trusted jeweler can lead to personalized service and fair offers.
  • Auction houses: High-value or historically significant pieces may benefit from the reach and competitive bidding environment of auctions. However, research fees, commissions, and longer timelines are factors to consider.
  • Pawn shops: While convenient, pawn shops typically offer quick buys at significantly lower prices, making them best for quick cash solutions rather than maximizing value.

Online platforms

  • Consignment sites: These platforms specialize in showcasing and selling pre-owned luxury goods, offering wider exposure and competitive pricing. Research fees, commissions, and shipping costs apply.
  • Online marketplaces: Online platforms allow direct selling, potentially reaching a broader audience. However, accurate descriptions, high-quality photographs, and responsible marketing are crucial for success.

Specialized options

  • Antique & estate jewelry dealers: They have expertise in specific periods and styles, potentially fetching higher prices for unique pieces.
  • Online auction platforms: Websites specializing in estate jewelry offer targeted audiences and dedicated experts, often achieving premium prices for coveted pieces.

Ultimately, the best approach depends on your individual needs and priorities. Combining research, informed decision-making, and consideration of both financial and sentimental value will ensure your estate jewelry finds a fitting new chapter while honoring its unique story.

How to Sell Estate Jewelry?

Preparing Estate Jewelry for Sale

When learning how to sell your jewelry, the first step is always the same: start with a thorough cleaning and inspection of your piece.

Professional Cleaning

Invest in a professional cleaning from a jeweler specializing in antique or estate pieces. They have the expertise and tools to safely restore shine and remove tarnish without damaging delicate materials.

Inspect for Repairs

Closely examine each piece for loose stones, broken clasps, worn prongs, or damaged settings. Take it to a jeweler for repairs if necessary. Minor fixes can significantly enhance value and buyer confidence.

Organize and Document

Photograph each piece individually, showcasing details and any hallmarks, signatures, or markings. Create a document listing material, estimated value (based on research or appraisal), and any relevant history or information.

Once you’re done, move on to photography and presentation:

High-quality Photos

Invest in good lighting and a neutral background to capture clear, detailed images of each piece from multiple angles. Consider close-ups of gemstones and unique features.


Opt for appropriate, elegant packaging that protects the jewelry during transit and adds a touch of sophistication. Velvet pouches or gift boxes work well.

Understanding the Estate Jewelry Market

Understanding the estate jewelry market is crucial for both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions. Here’s a breakdown of key aspects:

  • Sustainability and interest in unique, authentic pieces are driving the market’s growth.
  • Younger generations appreciate vintage styles and ethical sourcing, pushing demand for pre-owned jewelry – Art Deco, Victorian, and Mid-Century Modern jewelry remain popular, while Art Nouveau and Georgian pieces are gaining traction.
  • Diamonds remain classic, but colored gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, and opals are seeing increased interest.
  • One-of-a-kind pieces or those from renowned designers command higher prices, Precious metals like platinum and gold, combined with skilled craftsmanship, contribute to value, as well as cut, clarity, color, and the carat weight that also significantly influence the value of gemstones.
  • Well-maintained, undamaged pieces in original boxes or with documentation fetch higher prices, and owning a piece with historical significance or celebrity association can significantly increase its value.
  • Another important thing is to Track past sales of similar pieces to understand pricing trends, Get professional valuations for valuable pieces before selling, and stay updated on market trends and news.

Remember, the estate jewelry market is dynamic and multifaceted. Thorough research, understanding current trends, and considering your individual goals will help you navigate it successfully.

Tips for Selling Your Estate Jewelry

Transform your estate jewelry into sparkling cash with these savvy tips:

  • Shine on! Get your jewels professionally cleaned – a little sparkle goes a long way.
  • Picture perfect: Ditch blurry phone pics. Invest in high-quality photos that showcase every detail.
  • Story time! Is that necklace from Grandma’s trip to Paris? Share unique stories for an emotional edge.
  • Know your worth: Research similar pieces and get appraisals for valuable gems. Don’t undervalue your treasures!
  • Channel your inner detective: Uncover hidden hallmarks and designer signatures – they could be goldmines!
  • Diamonds in the rough? Consider minor repairs. A fixed clasp can mean big bucks.
  • Be an online ninja: Master platforms like Etsy or eBay, but beware of scammers – shine bright, not naive!
  • Auction adventure: For high-value pieces, explore reputable auction houses – it can be a thrilling ride!
  • Befriend your local jeweler: They might offer a fair price and instant payment – no waiting!
  • Price to sell: Be realistic, but don’t undervalue. Remember, negotiation is your friend!
  • Remember, it’s personal: Selling heirlooms can be emotional. Take your time, find the right buyer, and honor the memories.

Estate Jewelry Buyers in Denver

Selling estate jewelry in Denver requires finding the perfect buyer who understands the value and history of your precious pieces. Here’s some tips of how to choose the right one:

  • Research: Visit websites, read reviews, and compare services offered by each buyer.
  • Consideration: Think about your priorities – speed, expertise, convenience, or price?
  • Transparency: Ask questions, understand their evaluation process, and feel comfortable before proceeding.

Estate Jewelry Buyers in Denver

Benadato Spotlight

At Benadato, our expertise, spearheaded by Yossi Benadato’s vast experience, alongside the collective knowledge of our team, ensures the most accurate assessments of your estate jewelry. We pride ourselves on our dedication to fairness, focusing intently on building trust and fostering strong relationships, which naturally translates into offering fair prices and maintaining transparent communication with all our clients.

Our reputation is something we hold in high regard, supported by high ratings and positive testimonials from our clients, standing as a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensuring satisfaction. Furthermore, our convenience is unmatched, with a strategically located establishment and flexible appointment options designed to accommodate your schedule, making it effortless for you to showcase your cherished pieces to us.

We invite you to contact us in the following ways:

100 Fillmore St, 5th Floor Denver, CO 80206.

Walk-ins welcome or schedule an appointment at 1-888-625-0232 or via our E-mail [email protected].

<u><a style="color:#D2AA5C" href="">Yossi Benadato</a></u>

Yossi Benadato is the Co-Founder and one of the many diamond experts at Benadato. He is a second-generation diamond dealer who grew up in the industry in Israel

<u><a style="color:#D2AA5C" href="">Yossi Benadato</a></u>

Yossi Benadato is the Co-Founder and one of the many diamond experts at Benadato. He is a second-generation diamond dealer who grew up in the industry in Israel

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