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Long Term Memo Program

“More diamonds to offer means more diamond sales”
Customers ask for varieties, and if they don’t get them, they choose to go to the next door. Success is in having better pricing and diamonds than the rest. Benadato provides you with diverse diamonds to serve your customers.
We aim to provide you a whole supply of diamonds through our long-term memo program. We are happy to let you work with different diamonds through our supply support. We offer the long-term Memo usually for 6 to 12 months.
Experience happy selling with Benadato.

Same Day Memo Service

Since we have an enormous range of GIA-certified loose diamonds from 0.5ct to 5ct and high-end jewelry that your customer might require in urgency, then we can deliver it on the same day.
We are proud of our selection of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. You know what your customers want, & we know about diamonds and trends. Let’s work together for their perfect diamond match.

7 Days A Week Customer Service

With great enthusiasm, Benadato provides customer service seven days a week to understand needs, to know trends, and to serve the best to our customers, we take calls and read emails daily.
For any diamond or diamond jewelry-related inquiries, you can always connect with us.


Lab-Created Diamond Detection

The use and recognition of lab-grown diamonds are increasing. So the availability of it in the market also increases.
At Benadato, we invested in devices that can detect if a diamond is natural or lab or lab-created. We offer this service to our accounts.

Sarin Scan

In diamond, grading and cutting of each facet should be verified well. We scan diamonds and determine the cut and recut potential of a diamond precisely. For the precise description of diamonds, we use a Sarin scan.

Diamond & Jewelry Video Service

We take high-resolution photos and videos of a diamond. With the help of the v360 machine, we try to showcase the genuine beauty of diamond or diamond jewelry.
Photorealistic jewelry services add value to all the marketing strategies. Display minute details beautifully with high-resolution photos and videos.
A simple photoshoot does not justify the grace and elegance of diamonds, but high-resolution videos do so.


Diamond Recut Consultation

We understand and know that you have a vision for your diamond. So, with the help of our gathered experience and sarin scan, we provide diamond recut consultation.
Confused, either your diamond can look glamorous with a new cut, or it will be a total fiasco, then consult with our experts to get an answer.

Inventory Liquidation

Are you worried about the inventory? Then Benadato is here to help you sell & buy your diamonds & jewelry. The good thing is we will also support you in selling safes and fixtures.
Our other services include buying diamonds, diamond jewelry, bridal jewelry, its valuation, photo & video services, sarin scan, lab-grown diamonds detection, and many more.
So, for any doubts regarding diamonds, visit Benadato.

Stone Pairing

We aim for the perfect jewelry. So, when a piece of jewelry needs a stone that matches it, then we offer that service regardless of the size of the stone to make sure the match is perfect.